Our commitment to community health

Our mission is to make your body the best it can be by providing potent, vitamin and mineral supplements that combine the very best of nature with the latest in nutritional science. We are committed to investing in research and clinical studies in order to bring you the very latest developments in natural health.


  • understand how healthy bodies function and use only experts advise in formulating for any products. We critically analyse the proven journals published by scientists and doctors around the world . We monitor how clinical trials were formed and evaluate them your behalf.
  • are part of the large nutritional supplements manufacturer in Australia, with a world-class centre for quality, manufacturing and research with only approved TGA manufacturers and labs in Australia which means all of our products are manufactured in Australia.
  • Start our development process from the consumer, not only from the most recent data or medical journal, we go out and talk to consumers first to find out the fundamental need. Believing innovation only starts from the basic. We talk to people, ask people and live with people to understand the current lifestyle and what bothers them. Also by researching peoples natural remedies from different backgrounds to bring the tradition to come alive and to share the wisdom of different people are keeping.

Guaranteed Product Quality

  • Quality Management
  • Panax Pharm is committed to ensuring our customers receive quality products and services that will ensure enduring relationships of mutual benefit to our customers and Panax Pharm alike. We believe that quality and safety cannot be built into products just on the manufacturing line.

    From the development of new products in our research & development center, until it reaches the customer’s hand, Our R&D team controls and monitors the quality of the product. The entire process imposes over 20 safety check points before the product leaves our warehouse.


  • Stability Testing
  • It is necessary to ensure the finished product is of acceptable quality throughout its shelf life. In order to do so, it is required to monitor the compliance of the finished product with suitable quality specifications throughout its shelf life. Physical and chemical properties of the product are monitored during storage under defined real time conditions using methods capable of detecting deterioration or degradation.

    We provide stability studies testing in collaboration with the TGA- and NATA-licensed laboratories in accordance with

  • the Guide to Good Manufacturing Practice for Medicinal Products (Part I) (15 January 2009) (the “Code of GMP 2009”), published by the Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-Operation Scheme (PIC/S),


We continue to develop by supporting and having great relationship with other leading companies and government bodies.

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